Trudging Day

Several months ago, my friend had suggested that I get some boots for trudging through these trials cause ya know, you gotta look good while trudging and let these trials know who the boss is!  I thought that was a fabulous idea so I got myself a pair of trudging boots.  Today, is a perfect day for wearing my trudging boots.

Today is Shelbie's last chemo day in this cycle.  Tomorrow, starts the 4 week break and the dreaded waiting time to see if this is going to work and put her in remission.  So far, infusion is going well.  It's a quiet day at the clinic today, there are only two of us. 

Her platelets are back up- hooray but her hemoglobin is super low, one point away from being scary low, blood transfusion low so that is now our big worry.  Her white count is even lower than last week, she is more neutropenic than last week.  It seems that more problems are being created as her immune system and bone marrow take a hit with this chemo.  Alas...we will not freak out yet!  It feels so good to have higher platelet numbers and that is something to cheer about! 

I think tonight we will celebrate.  We have to celebrate!  It's a tradition to celebrate at the conclusion of hard things, reaching milestones or just because today, we were brave and courageous.  There are never a shortage of disappointments so it's important to sniff out the tiniest, best part of the day and celebrate!  I think silly string, glitter confetti and pizza is in order!



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