Houston...we have a problem!

Shelbie looks like she did in the good ol days when her platelets were hanging out at 5 or 10.  She has big broken blood vessels on her neck, her shoulders, her legs.  It's a sad reminder that this chapter of Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura is not over yet. 

I probably should take her back in to the clinic but what can they possibly do now. I mean we've done it all with no success.  All we can do is wait this out and hope that somehow, her body will pull it together and get those platelets back into a safer range.  At this point, I'd be happy with 40 even if that's where she stayed for the rest of her life.

Spencer got back to school but I kept Sam home until he can be without a fever for 24 hours.  He seems a little better this afternoon. 

I am just feeling run down and tired.  This little family has been maintaining a ragged pace for so long.  I am hoping for a quiet, restful weekend, hiding out somewhere far from problems and worries although it looks like ITP will be joining us, hanging around just to keep me on my toes.  In my mind, I keep repeating the words of that famous little fish we love and adore....just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....


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