Three years ago, when ITP raised its ugly head in our lives again, for the third time to be exact, I joined a Platelet Disorder Support Group.  I don't communicate with anyone on the list, I mostly just joined because they do a great job of their newsletter.  Each month I am able to read up on the latest news in the Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura world.

I recently saw an article that discussed the role of Platelets.  Most people, including myself use to think that all platelets did was to clot your blood.  Of course that is a big job of the platelets but in this recent article, they stated that platelets are the first responder to wounds but also bacterias and viruses that attack the body.  They are one of the major components of the immune system.  Not only that, they help to regulate blood flow to major organs and also transport hormones and nutrients like Seratonin from the brain.  A person with low platelets is often exhausted and run down. 

As I learn more and more each day about ITP, a lot of the issues Shelbie deals with makes more sense.  Sometimes, the SDS symptoms and ITP symptoms overlap so that's hard but this knowledge is really helpful for me.  When I understand the science behind it, I can do things to keep her more comfortable and I don't freak out as fast...a real bonus! 



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