Not exempt...

I couldn't find a "get out of your problems" card
so I made my own!  I feel so much better about things!
  Feel free to copy this and get out of your problems too! 
We should all be problem free!  ;-)
 A couple of months ago, while I was having a perplexing moment at the doctor's office, complaining about some random problem Shelbie was having, our good doctor said, "Kathy, remember that normal things will still happen even when dealing with abnormal circumstances." 
"Oh...really?"  Hmmmm why hadn't I thought of that concept before?  Yes, colds and flus and other minor irritations still happen.  ITP, Chemotherapy, Blood Transfusions, IVIG Infusions do not give us a pass on the normal discomforts of life. 

In addition to this thought, I was reminded last night that just because we are on the front lines with Shelbie, doesn't mean the other two will magically be healthy and happy through all this.  I have searched and searched for some rule stating you only have to manage one sick kid at a time.  I could not find that rule!  The Universe can surely see how busy you are with one kid and so will reserve other problems for a later date and time...right?

Wrongo, Bongo...!  Sam has been struggling the last several months with a fungal infection on his nose and then it started on his stomach.  I dutifully took him in, got some prescription creams for him, instructed the use of those creams then assumed it would all take care of itself.  Last night, he showed me his stomach...holy has spread far and wide and looks horrible!!! I was shocked.  Fungal infections are right up there with viruses and bacterias...they can wreak havoc with an SDS kid.

I have noticed that Spencer has been sick alot when it's time to eat or right after he eats.  In February, he seemed to pass some GI tests that indicated his pancreas was keeping up now and so the Doc took him off his pancreatic enzymes.  He said last night that he's been sick since he stopped taking those pills.  Ughhh, I am thinking we got some false negatives or something so we are back to the drawing board with him which means another trip to Boise to see the Gastroenterologist and sort that out.  This morning while eating breakfast, I noticed his hands were shaking as he lifted the fork to his mouth.  I inquired about that and wondered if he was just nervous for ISATS today.  He said he's been shaking for the last 6 months.  When he got up from the table and carried his plate over to the sink, he about passed out and was overcome with a wave of nausea.  Something's not quite right...but what could it be now?  Pancreas, bone marrow...hmmmm.

So, let the fun begin.  Now, I try to get appointments made with the right kind of doctor, watching their blank stares, hearing the same old broken monologue,'We don't see this very often...'.  Hopefully the boys can hang in there until next week.  The rest of this week has my time consumed with Shelbie's little stitching procedure this afternoon, chemo tomorrow, sick on Friday ....blah, blah, blah.


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