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A 14 year reunion

The stars aligned just so and it was no coincidence that I ran into my cousin while we were at Huntsman's.  I didn't know they were inpatient until the night before our appointments so I messaged them on FB that I would stop by and see them. In fact, I didn't know they were there at all!

We haven't been in touch with each other in 14 years.  The last time I saw them, they had come to babysit my kids while my husband and I went on a trip.   Before that, we were roommates, our first year at college.  We have failed miserably at keeping track of each other.  It's sort of a typical thing for my family.

It was very late in the day when we finally got to see them.  Her husband was diagnosed with Leukemia last year and  things recently progressed so fast, he needed more aggressive treatment this year.  Tuesday of last week, he had a stem cell transplant with his sister as the donor.  It was great to see them.  He seems to be doing as well as could be expected.

As soon a…

More tales from our extremities

One would think that Spencer's ordeal was more than enough for one person, one family, one mom to endure last Wednesday, but no...that just happened to be the most extreme.

Oncology was interesting.  I guess we will start with Spencer since he's in the spotlight- Our oncologist is the only doc in the bone marrow transplant clinic that does a blood smear from a finger stick.  He is the only doctor who still finds value in looking that blood himself under the microscope. I appreciate that so much!  There are many little clues you can find a finger stick and looking at the live cells.

Spencer's smear showed a few abnormal/immature cells.  He said it's probably nothing to concern ourselves with but all the same, he would like to get the bone marrow biopsies done as soon as we can get it scheduled.  Since we are now in the big leagues, anesthesia for bone marrow biopies is not done. I will never, as long as I live, understand why this is acceptable.  At Huntsman, they only…

Life and Death- a small novel

This has been a life and death sort of week... in a literal sense.

I learned this,  when you come back from the dead, your baggage is a little tighter than when you left, the souvenirs you picked up from here to there and back again are heavy!  There is scarcely enough room to hold it all.

I suppose you are dying to hear what happened...

This week, we had our appointments in Salt Lake at Huntsman Cancer Hospital so the kids could have their check up with the Oncologist.  It was Shelbie's 3 month check up and the boys first time meeting our new doc so there was much to get established.

Spencer also had his appointment with the Faint and Fall clinic and a scheduled Tilt Table test in an effort to determine why he spends almost every day feeling like he is going to pass out, and some days, he does pass out. The episodes have become more frequent so it is a little disheartening.

As is customary lately, I felt very unprepared for the appointments and it didn't hit me until we were …

And then this...

I will go on the record to say that I have been through a lot of stuff.  A lot of crazy, random, stuff.  The stuff that one can hardly believe to be true but it is.

2003 was one of those crazy years.  I vacillate between trying to forget it and trying to accept it and embrace it.   Tonight, I feel a twinge of gratitude for 2003.

December of 2002 was not the kind of Christmas I was expecting- a gold key to my own apartment was my gift and the truck was loaded the day after Christmas and I was moving out.  My husband thought it would be best if we separated.  I was sick.  The kids were sick.  My marriage was sick.  Our whole world was in a shambles and he could see no way out.  I could find no way to fix myself or my kids.  I left kicking and screaming...literally screaming.  I left alone.  My kids were not allowed to join me...but before you get all worked up...this story is not about that part.

My first night in that apartment with one chair, one bed, one pot and one set of dishes w…

Happy Birthday

Shelbie turned 24 years old on Saturday!! You know what they say...where did the time go?

I was nervous about this birthday because she hates birthdays!  She hates that every year gets just that much harder.  Last year she cried all day and I really didn't want a replay of that. was a great day!  We weren't able to do much just because finances wouldn't really allow for anything spectacular but we had a great time all the same.

Here's a little fun fact...24 years ago, on the day she was born, there was an outburst of a Perseid Meteor Shower.  Of course, I missed it 24 years ago, and so did she but this year, it rolled around again!!  The next one won't be for over a hundred years!!

So, at 11:45pm on Friday, we headed to McDonalds for Shelbie's favorite 'breakfast' meal and then drove out to a distant road in the country to eat and watch the meteor shower.  It was breathtaking and amazing!  God really knows how to put on a great show!  We …

"Just because you have feathers"

A handful of times, I have been led to a book.  A book that changes my perception on life.  That happened yesterday.  The book I stumbled upon is yet another random book I never would have set out to read.  It's about economics, finances...creating a life.   It's called 'How Will You Measure Your Life?' by Clayton Christensen.

The first chapter is about an early theory on business he came up with after graduating from Harvard Business School.  He talks about why businesses fail and how small, inconsequential companies eventually overtake the big players in an industry.  He titles this chapter, "Just because you have feathers."

He correlates his theory to the early invention of flying.  Humans, in their desire to fly, assumed that the way to fly was to strap on wings, jump off a high building and flap their wings.   Of course, they failed miserably.  Just because they had 'wings' and 'feathers' a correlation to flying, didn't mean they wo…

When Nature Calls....

What a day...

I ended up having to be in a distant city for most of the day working with some clients on a remodel.  It threw my whole day off in a big way!

I'm on this 'diet' of sorts in yet another attempt to calm the Lupus waves of pain, so, I've been drinking 150 ounces of water a day.  I try to drink 100 of those ounces before 10 am!  Just kidding but needless to say, I'm making a lot of trips to the bathroom for my bladder that happens to be the size of rice grain.  It use to be bigger I'm sure, but then I had three kids who kicked the daylights out of it, laid on it and finally, tried to drag it out with them I think...I'm not sure though!

The morning was rushed and I just didn't have a lot of time to be spending on a run to the loo but when nature calls...So, I hurried and as I prepared to sit down...a spider!!!  Crawled...  OUT OF MY PANTS!!

What the heck?  A Daddy Long Leg!  How did I not feel that?  I clearly need tighter fitting pants. The…

The dull moments

I wish I could write just dull moments.  Moments when there wasn't anything but dull, boring, nothing going on.  A moment when all I had left to do on my to do list was nothing.  What does nothing consist of anyways?  I may never know.

We got some more results in on that late day CT scan Shelbie had last week.  The MA called and said her lungs were completely and totally normal...nothing.  No AVM's even.  No blood clot.  I was a little perplexed because the regular CT scan without contrast showed all sorts of problems with the granulomas and calcifications in her lungs and the Echo supported the diagnosis of continued AVM's that are shunting blood in her heart.

Last night, the email came through that the test results were posted in MYCHART so I jumped on there to read for myself.  The only thing the radiologist was looking for was the pulmonary embolism which is no longer there so she dumped that last November with her first stroke.  Glad it's gone!

 The radiologist no…

The long shadows

Last night, Sam and I went on a bike ride just at dusk.  The sun was quickly settling down on the edge of a 'far see'.

At dinner, I made the mistake of talking about two of his friends who leave on their missions this week.  I am going to miss his friends terribly!  They have been amazing in every sense of the word and, as a result of Sam choosing such amazing people to spend his time with, his teenage years were a piece of cake. Well, you know, they were riddled with tricky moments as well but his friends stood by his side.  They all towed the line.  They all, individually chose to be where they were suppose to be, to do what they were suppose to do and they all had a conscience and character to be good, solid teenagers who took care of each other and those around them.

Every day, I am impressed more and more by these friends of his.  On Sunday, I saw the two boys who leave tomorrow and they both gave me a big hug and told me how much they would miss me and miss hanging out …