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When Nature Calls....

What a day...

I ended up having to be in a distant city for most of the day working with some clients on a remodel.  It threw my whole day off in a big way!

I'm on this 'diet' of sorts in yet another attempt to calm the Lupus waves of pain, so, I've been drinking 150 ounces of water a day.  I try to drink 100 of those ounces before 10 am!  Just kidding but needless to say, I'm making a lot of trips to the bathroom for my bladder that happens to be the size of rice grain.  It use to be bigger I'm sure, but then I had three kids who kicked the daylights out of it, laid on it and finally, tried to drag it out with them I think...I'm not sure though!

The morning was rushed and I just didn't have a lot of time to be spending on a run to the loo but when nature calls...So, I hurried and as I prepared to sit down...a spider!!!  Crawled...  OUT OF MY PANTS!!

What the heck?  A Daddy Long Leg!  How did I not feel that?  I clearly need tighter fitting pants. There were some impressive dance moves happening in my bathroom for more than one reason!  Geez.  I hate spiders!! I hate them so much even my words to describe my hatred of spiders, shrink in fear!   This set me 15 minutes behind on my 2 hour commute to work!  I was so bugged!  Seriously.

I tried to make up time getting to my client's home and really did alright but rather than take the time to unload my trunk full of tile, I just ran up to the door to greet them and get the latest on where they were at in their thoughts.  After our initial visit of catching up, I told her I would start bringing tile in from my car.

As I dashed out, still trying to gather my thoughts that were scattered in my whirlwind head, there, right beside my car was a snake!! A big old snake coiled up with his head up and mouth wide open!  Holy Cow!! I ran.  I ran so fast back into the house.  Inside, I was screaming for dear life but outside, I looked as though I was just filing my nails like no big deal...and calmly said, "Maybe I'll get those tile samples a little later.  There is a snake beside my car and I just don't feel like being someone's snack right now."

This poor woman..."There's a what?  Did you say a snake?"  Then she started screaming and yelling for her husband.  By the time he got out there, it was gone!!  I couldn't concentrate.  All I could think about was that darn snake all up in my grill, under my car, crawling through the vents.  On the long drive home, I was creeped out.  Spiders in my pants, snakes trying to eat me...what next?!!

What a day!  I didn't have to go to the gym tonight.  I figure my heart was racing most of the day so that should have burned a significant number of calories, and then there was that dance party in the bathroom and the sprint to the client's front door...I'm good all week in the exercise department.



  1. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I will de-critter my place before you get here!!


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