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Oh...this is going to be fun!

This morning, we spent a little bit of time at the hospital so Shelbie could do some more testing on her GI problems.  I might note that this was the very first time I sat out in the waiting room and waited for her!  It's a big milestone in case you were wondering and an important step in her gaining some experience in handling her health issues the way she wants.  It felt very strange but that's a post for another day. I hate my kids growing up!

Anyways, no results from all of that until Monday or Tuesday.  We picked up the medication to begin treating the H Pylori and the pharmacy tech said, "Have you ever been on this medication before?"
"No." I replied.
"Oh, this is going to be fun!!"  He started laughing as he continued, "Wait there, I will have the pharmacist come and talk to you."

The pharmacist comes and gives us the low down on how to take this medication, it's actually 10 pills she will have to take everyday for two weeks!…

H Pylori

Well, just a quick update.  Shelbie has H Pylori!  Bleh!  One more illness to learn about!

I don't know much about this yet but it does require two weeks of antibiotics and a host of other pills, 6 to be accurate.  6 more pills a day!  So glad she isn't 5 years old and is use to pills.

The doctor said she has probably had it most of her life but has been symptom free up until the past few months.  It is the bacteria that can cause ulcers though we don't know if she has ulcers yet.

Tomorrow, we have to go to the hospital at 7am for abdominal testing to see if there is an ulcer brewing.  From there, if things don't settle down in two weeks, she will have a hidascan to check the gall bladder and stool studies to test for C-Diff.  I kind of think these pills will do the trick but I guess we'll see.  After the week I've had...what do I know?

I feel bad...again!  When do I ever not feel bad? This single parenting gig is getting OLD and wearing on me in a host of w…


Yes, the little break we've had seems to be coming to a close.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

What would you say these symptoms relate to...nausea after every single meal without fail regardless of the meal, fullness under the ribs, fatigue, severe cramping and other unmentionable GI issues? I'm thinking gallbladder though it could also be pancreas...maybe both.

Shelbie is the latest to encounter the never ending GI problems.  She's actually been limping along with symptoms for about 2 months but they are not improving despite our efforts at some home remedies.  She is very good at not letting on to the degree she is suffering, even when I milk her for information.  Finally, she suggested we go to the doctor.  Since she wants to see a doctor, you know things are not going well for her.   We'll start with our family doc which I'm sure will result in a visit to Boise and probably a hidascan mixed in there somewhere as well.  I'm just guessing...I could be…

Little breaks

It's been so nice having a little break from any major illnesses or setbacks with the kids.  Spencer continues to struggle but he is managing things on his own and moving forward so that's good.  There is nothing I can do for him anyways so worrying is pointless.

Today has been a bit of a rough one.  Sam lost his vision.  He has gone probably 6 weeks without that happening and I almost forgot it was ever an issue so it was sad to be reminded of that. Again, it was followed by extreme pain.  I am glad that he is at least getting bad pain after his vision comes back because then, I am more convinced that it really is an ocular migraine and not something worse.  Weird how we start settling for one bad thing over another.

Shelbie is having her IVIG tomorrow.  It has been apparent this week that she is in desperate need of that.  She is in pain, feeling pretty weak and extremely fatigued among other things.  Her pancreas issues seem to be settling down as well, at least we are see…

Medical History Bracelet by CARE

I finally got my CARE medic bracelets ready to go.  I love them!  I think everyone should have one of these for each member of the family even if you don't have a chronic illness.  I especially think any elderly person should have one.

Here are the details.  It's a USB you wear as a bracelet.  It has the international sign for Medical Alert.  The USB can be plugged into any computer, Apple or Windows platform and up comes all your medical history.  You fill out the information, not some corporation that keeps your records on file so it's private.  The software is easy to use and well laid out.  
Here's what you can keep on USB: Name, address, phone number Emergency contact information Drug Allergies, general allergies Medications and Vitamins Past surgeries, MRI's CT Scans and where those tests were performed Names of Medical Providers including contact information Disorder and Diseases Special Considerations Wills Other information It's pretty detailed.  You c…

Wishin' and Hopin' and Thinkin' and Prayin'

Yes, I'm stealing these familiar lyrics because this morning, that's all I could think of.

I got to talk to Spencer on the phone this morning at 7am!  He was at the Salt Lake Airport, ready to board his flight to Denver.  I didn't sleep at all last night in anticipation of hearing his voice!  It's barely been two weeks but it seems like forever!  I was elated when I heard him say hello!

We didn't have long and took care of some things that are easier to talk about than email about like bank account stuff, communications, medicine etc.  I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "Not great. I'm just not feeling great.  Food doesn't settle at all."  Ugh...still!  It's been three weeks of this!  He did tell me that he has added some more pancreatic enzymes so I'm hoping that will calm things down, he said it helps a bit.  In addition to feeling sick, he is feeling really tired. I could hear that part in his voice.

For the first time in thi…

Ground Hog day

We have Ground Hog day a lot around here.  We tend to celebrate the same themes over and over.  So, what is today's recurring theme?

Well, Sam's knee!  Yes, the old knee is giving Sam more problems.  If you recall, he had an accident last December when he fell 4' and landed on his knee cap.  That resulted in a sheared off patella, other broken bones, deep bone contusions and what they thought was a shredded ACL.  The ACL went from shredded to not, to an abnormally growing ACL that is freakishly small.

The doctor went back and forth about whether or not to operate and the insurance company decided that they would not pay for reconstruction.

He's been doing just fine since March.  Things seemed to heal up great and he has been doing all the activities he loves.  Well, Thursday, he did a flip and landed just fine but his knee hyper-extended and  gave way.

I have been hoping that it was just a strain so we've been icing it, keeping it wrapped and doing easy stretch…

Where to start

I have been neglecting this blog because so much has been happening on the other side of my life, the 'nuttin wise' side.  Spencer has been gone just one week and at times it feels like a year already but then I realize we still have two more years to go.

He was sick for the week before he left and he is still sick.  I was hoping it was just nerves and such but I guess not.  There is nothing I can do about it.  I received the really cool medic alert bracelets and need to get that information updated but life continues to be a rat race.

Yesterday, I had to have surgery!  I am not a good surgery patient, I am not a good anything patient.  Not nearly as good as my kids. A couple of months ago, I blogged over on my other blog about the fun I had getting a mammogram.  In cased you missed that adventure... Go HERE.  I didn't exactly follow up on that visit.

After a second opinion, okay actually 4 opinions from various docs, I was urged to have the solid tumor they found, remo…