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Constant Chatter

It's been a wild ride this month.  I didn't realize how hard the death of May would hit me.  I always wondered what it would be like when she died; how I would ever find out or if she would just simply disappear from my life.  Weeks would turn to months and months into years and I would just have to assume one day that she was gone and that would be that.   Never in my thoughts, did I imagine it would be like this.

Just before the weekend hit last week, it all became too much...all the things.  It was a week of traumatic and hard experiences and the last straw hit just as we sat down for dinner and I burst into tears.  My kids just love it when I do this on rare occasions...nothing says Chicken Enchiladas like a healthy serving a tears while it turns cold.   
Sam was sweet but funny,  "Whoa!  What's going on?" "I don't want to die alone.  I don't want to be dead for days before anyone finds me!" It was total nonsense, at least to them.  To me, I…

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