On and On...

Wow, it's been an emotionally packed 24 hours.  I haven't quite had the time to process it all out yet. I didn't get to bed until 2:00am Monday morning the had to get up at 6:30 to start cleaning and I've been going strong all day long.   Church was particularly difficult, at least part of it so that kind of set this weird mood for the rest of the day.  Now, it doesn't help that I am tired and still on this up and down mood pattern. 

Both boys ended up home sick today.  I can't put my thumb on Spencer's issues.  Definitely still suffering with the effects of Strep throat but there are other things going on and all I can figure is that his pancreas is just not keeping up with his food intake and so he is pretty uncomfortable.  He's been on antibiotics for a week now so I'm sure that his chemotaxis is just making for a slow recovery.  Chemotaxis is when you have plenty of white cells but they are stupid and don't know how to do their job and fight infection.  That was a pretty lame definition but that's a doc explained it to me, so...there you go. I'm not sure what is worse, chemotaxis or neutropenia.

Sam, is running a fever, sore throat, cough and all the rest of the discomforts that come with being sick.  I kind of think it may be viral so I am taking the wait and see approach.  I haven't checked his blood counts so I'm really hoping he is not too neutropenic or else he is going to get into trouble  real fast.

Shelbie can't decide if she is getting sick or not.  One minute she feels horrible but then a few hours later, rallies and I think she is going to be okay, then the coughing starts so who knows.  I do know this though...today, she developed petechaie.  So sad... last week, I really thought a platelet count of 140 meant remission.  Obviously, with these latest signs, they are back down to pretty low numbers. I am not even going to take her for a CBC.  I just can't bring myself to see crappy numbers again.   Arghhhhh.  I really need to learn to stop counting my chickens before they hatch....putting the cart before the horse.... you get the picture.   Still not getting a blood return from the PICC so that's not a good sign either. 

That's today in a nut shell.  I'm beat! 


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