PICC Line Gone

Shelbie reached the end of her rope today with the PICC line.  Her arm this morning was red and swollen and super itchy and that is without any adhesive.  There was a lot of drainage from the entrance of the IV, worse than I've seen it. 

Home Health came and pulled it out.  Along with the tubing came some nasty looking 'debris', almost like she had scabs on the inside of her veins.  The nurse was a little perplexed but thinks everything will just flush through her system.  It was very strange.  Shelbie was pretty calm but then I think she went into a little bit of shock.  She was shaking and became kind of nauseated and weak.  I think she has been anxious about the blood clots for awhile now and she finally felt relieved. 

We have another week without chemotherapy treatments and then we have to decide if we do 4 more weeks of chemo or move on to have a spleenectomy.  Of course, there is a still a chance her platelets will jump back up to the normal range and we will truly see remission but I have decided that I am going to be neutral about that happening.  If it does, great, if not, then we move on.  I can't keep getting my hopes up, only to have them dashed so quickly.  It's better to be non judgemental about the whole thing.

So, that is all the excitement for today!  Shelbie can't wait to take a super long shower tonight and now I can start taking care of those hives better. 


  1. Oh, man. I hope your choice is more clear as you get closer. It sounds like you have to make a lot of tough choices, though. Hang in there! I always get a lot of strenght from your blog.


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