End of the rope

I think we have reached the proverbial rope that has no end...not even a frayed bit to hold on to anymore, or so it feels.  The blisters and hives are so bad and we have exhausted everything we can think of to do to get things under control but nothing seems to be working.  They are beginning to ooze a nasty thick yellow yuck and the sterile guaze sticks to it so when I change the dressing I have to soak the guaze with sterile saline to get the mess cleaned up.  I have even had to change the dressing twice a day because it leaks through.  The whole situation is just exposing her to too much infection risk.  So, Monday morning, I am going to get the ball rolling to meet with a surgeon next week and have the PICC line stitched in to her arm.  I am told by several nurses that this seems to work for people with bad allergies.  Here's hopin'.

I didn't report on the rest of her counts from Thursday.  Her white count is quite low- 2.9 and she is neutropenic.  Her red count is also well below normal.  Oh, did I mention she has petechiae!  Blech!  I am watching her close and hoping she doesn't get sick.  She had to do a wedding photo shoot all day today so I hope she doesn't pick anything up from that.  Church is out of the question for tomorrow and that's too bad because she hasn't been able to go for so long. 

We are still trying to make the best of things around here.  So many have helped by giving us great ideas for fun and that has been wonderful!  We cooked up a little silliness on our own as we prepared for a second dressing change yesterday...


  1. That sounds so rough. I hope things get better...getting it stitched into her arms sounds awful too.


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