A Mother's Job

A Mother has a special job.  It can not be done from a distance, at least very effectively.  It can not be done by a friend, or a neighbor, neither can it's role be filled by a brother, a sister or even a dad. It's a special job that I was commissioned to do from the beginning of time so, when I can't do my job...I get really frustrated!

Sam is sick.  I can take care of my sick Sam but the only problem is, he isn't here with me.  He is at his dad's for the weekend.  This morning at 7:00 he texted me all his symptoms and begged for me to help him find relief.
"Well, you should check with dad, see what he thinks."
"He doesn't know, please tell me."
"Well, I'm not really sure because I'm not there and can't say for sure how sick you really are. Let me think about it for a minute."
"Mom, please think fast, I need to feel better!!!"

I threw out some basic, feel better ideas... drink lots of water, sip something warm, take ibuprofen and suck on throat drops but it's not the same.  I know that, and he knows that.  What he really wants is for me to make him a bed on the couch, tuck the blankets in tight around him, pour him a glass of 7 up, kiss him on the forehead and make him all better.  I won't be doing that this weekend even though I would love nothing more.  *sigh*


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