What a girl!

Shelbie has been really strong through all this.  She has her moments of course but really, to visit with her, see her, you would never imagine the turmoil and problems she faces.  This morning, I was trying to keep the mood light so of course was being crazy, dancing around the living room with heart garland trailing in her face and she interrupted my fun with some of her own deep thoughts. 
     She said, "Maybe healing isn't about making me better.  Maybe healing is preparing my spirit so that I can go home.  I need to be ready when it's time to go."  It may seem that this is a sad and horrible thing to hear but there was so much peace in the words she said.  We all need to be healed.  We all need to have more faith, more hope and none of us can really afford to waste anytime with things that will not matter an eternity from now. 
      I am really proud of her!  Today has been a really good day.  We are sucking the life out of every moment we have and that makes me happy!


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