Gotta love these pics

It's tradition to take pictures while we are on our hospital adventures.  I didn't take a lot because it was hard to find a moment when I felt like capturing the difficulties of the weekend.  I did try to get a picture of her petechiae. ( pronunced pe tee'kee i).  Petechiae is one of the first signs that tells me her platelets are dropping usually below 60.  They look like freckles or red measles but they are broken blood vessels and the blood starts pooling under the skin.  As the platelets drop even further, the petechiae becomes purpura.  Basically, larger freckles of blood.  Of course bruising becomes really bad too.  On Saturday, she developed huge bruises on her wrists just from the nurse taking her pulse.  Hard to believe that just resting your fingers on her arm caused such a bad bruise.  The pictures aren't great but hopefully will give an idea of what is going on. 

Barely see the bruise beginning

The large dot is purpura.  She had tons of these all over her back and neck.  All the other red splotchy marks are the petechiae.
bruises started forming just from bending her arm.  Spots of petechiae and purpura.

She had a nasty issue with bleeding, to be expected when your platelets are only 5.  This was from an IV that didn't work out. 

Her legs were covered.  She looked like one big freckle but it was petechiae and the shadowy areas are bruises.
This is what her wrists look like tonight, still pretty nasty though the petechiae is starting to fade.
I had emailed our doc in Seattle last night and I heard back from her today through email.  She told me not to get worried, she would find answers.  After she had a chance to talk to our doctor here, she would call me with some ideas.  I felt a lot better after reading her message, there just has to be a better way.   I really hope she has some awesome ideas, miraculous ones!  I expect I will hear from her tomorrow or Wednesday.  I told her that I was willing to come to Seattle for whatever length of time it took to help Shelbie into remission.  We'll see how things unfold but wouldn't it be great if she went into remission this weekend?  That would just be the best thing ever!!  Here's to hoping!!


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