Today's Appointment

I didn't realize that today, we would only be able to see the Medical Assistant, not the PA or Doctor so don't know much about the liver stuff.  We did find out that her platelets have dropped from Saturday night.  She is at 50.  I'm not sure what this means.  I have to email the doctor and wait to find out what the next step is.  I am assuming it will be to place the Pic line then start chemotherapy. 
     The nurse called after we got home to inform me that her iron levels are extremely low.  No big surprise so now we will add a prescription iron med to her collection.  As far as steroid side effects goes, she is still in pain and still having problems working this out of her system.  Today, she has been dizzy all morning.  So dizzy, she stumbled down the stairs then fell after she got out of the car at the Doctor's.  We can't be doing this as her platelets continue to drop.  Hopefully by tomorrow, she will be back to just feeling crummy instead of steriod induced crummy. 
     I guess the most popular question we are asked is "How is Shelbie managing this?"  Well, she is managing.  We make a big effort everyday to be happy no matter what is going on.  Humor helps to keep the spirit light.  I'm glad we are able to do this.  Feeling anxious and stressed every minute of every day would be a really hard way to live.  When we left the office this morning, the secretary asked if we needed a follow up appointment and I said "no".  Of course Shelbie had just made some joke so we had been laughing.  The secretary replied, "Congratulations!" 
I replied, "For what?"
"Well, you're laughing and you don't need a follow up appointment so that must mean you got good news."
"No, there is nothing good about the news we got today in fact, she will probably be starting chemo soon.  Unfortunately, you haven't seen the last of us!"
"Oh....okay. Alright then, I guess we will see you soon."  She said with her face all twisted and confused. 
         It doesn't make sense how we are able to maintain our sanity through all this but somehow, we have been really blessed.  It's not always easy.


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