Red Cross

This morning, Shelbie and I went to volunteer at a Red Cross Blood Drive.  I have never been to a blood drive before, I am not eligible for blood donation and of course Shelbie isn't either but this was an opportunity for us to "Pay it Forward".  Shelbie has been receiving blood products for 4 months now and everytime she receives them, I feel a great deal of gratitude to those people who took the time to donate.   It really does save lives!  I'm not sure the people who donate really understand the burden they lift from someone in a time of emergency. 
       Shelbie and I were in charge of checking people in.  I was really surprised at the restrictions they place on individuals.  You not only have to be physically healthy but morally clean as well.   It's scary to think how much the world is blurring the boundaries of right and wrong.  Drug abuse and immorality is out of control, even in our own little town.  Will these individual choices ultimately handicap the ability for us to save lives?  As people signed that they were eligible to give blood, I just wanted to hug them all and thank them personally for living in such a way that they could be there.  Then, I sat there nervously hoping and cheering that they weren't too scared and didn't pass out when they were through!  Everyone on my watch did just fine!
        Thanks Red Cross!


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