These are the moments

I wanted to let that last bit of good news simmer in my mind for a couple of days before jangling it all up with a little more "sideways" news.  It's been an emotional week.  We spent all day at my friends funeral yesterday first attending the funeral then working in the kitchen for the family meal.  It was a long and tiring day but at the same time very inspiring.  The talks at the service were awesome.  Her children all spoke of fond memories they had.  All the talks reminded me that nothing and no one should ever be taken for granted.   My friend had MS and some heart problems.  She knew what it was like to suffer yet she was always trying to make the best of things and having fun in the midst of pain and discomfort.  During one of the talks, Shelbie leaned over and said, "Their family is crazy like ours!"  Crazy fun!  We really try hard to keep our sense of humor in an effort to keep our wits about us even if we come off crazy to those around us. 
       Shelbie is getting more photography business each week so we headed into town to find some more props for her.  She hasn't felt well all week and yesterday was too much for her but we shopped anyways. We had some great moments while browsing through antique and thrift shops.  We laughed a lot even though we were both draggin!  It seemed like everything we looked at left us in stitches.  One thrift store we went into had tons of work out equipment like the Ab Lounger, Ab Rocker, and some wanna be treadmills and elipticals that existed long before my time.  We tried out each piece and were laughing so hard.  People around us were serious thrift shoppers and not impressed with our frivolity. 
      After finding nothing, we went for lunch at Taco Bell for a .69 taco.  It seems that it's always over food when I have the best talks with my kids.  We talked about so many different things, heartfelt things.  I couldn't help but think that these are the moments that really matter. I know Shelbie is so scared of the future and though it's hard to hear her talk about her fears, I felt so rich and blessed to have felt a part of her heart that is so young and tender still.
      At the funeral, they talked of regrets and how they had none.  Though I have plenty of regrets, like wishing my kids didn't have to be part of a tattered family, wishing I was married to someone loving and kind, I have no regrets when it comes to my kids.  We have loved each other deeply and shared the good, the bad and the ugly and are stronger and closer because of that!  I wouldn't trade the life we have with anyone!


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