Making Plans

Today, the kids want to try to get out and do something.  It is our one of two days we have as a break from the hospital.  Shelbie will be back in tomorrow for another infusion. 

Spencer got his paycheck just before we left from the construction job he worked at so he wants to use it to buy his 'back to school' clothes.  There are some great stores here that we don't have back home and they are dirt cheap so it will be a good opportunity for him to do that. 

I am hoping the kids will have more energy and less pain today.  Last night after we ate dinner with our friends, my kids went up to watch a movie with my friends' two toddlers in their 'movie' room and my kids fell asleep!  On the way back to the hotel, they slept. 

Later this afternoon, we are taking the ferry over to Bremmerton where my friend from college lives with her family.  It's always fun to catch up with her.  I am glad we will be anywhere but at the hospital today. 


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