Never this...

Well, we have lived through meningitis, encephalitis, epstein barr and mono viruses, strep bacteria in the throat and in the joints and we have even dealt with the horrible C-diff bacteria that lasted for months, and months but we have never managed pneumonia before.  Well, until now.  Spencer's been battling what I thought was just a cold.  When he spiked a fever of nearly 103, I knew something not so good was up. 

Sure enough, he has pneumonia in his left lung.  Hopefully the Rocefin shot and oral antibiotics will take care of things since we seemingly caught it early.  Here's the scary thing about Spencer.  While Shelbie and Sam struggle to produce enough white cells to fight infection, Spencer produces enough but they don't know what to do with themselves when an infection strikes.  Chemotaxis is the proper term for what Spencer has going on with his white blood cells.  Only time will tell how his body will handle this latest set back. 

I always forget just how much something like this affects the other kids.  Shelbie was afraid Spencer was going to die because she has known people who have died from pneumonia and Sam is just scared he is going to get it so he is OCDing big time.  Even though it's not funny to see how worried he is, he is making my job easier when it comes to keeping germs off the rest of us.  He and Spence are playing a video game and each time they trade the controller, Sam washes his hands with antibacterial soap and a Clorox wipe then wipes down the controller with Clorox.  Bless his heart!

Looks like a weekend of movies and laying around...Oh and Clorox!



  1. That's too bad about the pnemonia. Hang in there. I loved your post about being the bouy--you are doing an amazing job of it.

  2. That is sad for Spencer. I hope he can fight it off quickly and get feeling better soon!


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