A little good news

I never thought I would be able to truly post this message, at least for a long time, but I'm going to say it....
Shelbie is in remission from Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ITP!!  Yes, it was made official yesterday when we went for her visit to the oncology clinic.  Her platelets were at 200! 

It was hard for both of us to believe.  As we were walking in, Shelbie said, "I just want to hear one word today, REMISSION!"  So, we basked in the joy of knowing that she will not bleed to death anytime soon and said 'So long' to chemotherapy!

Another piece of the puzzle became a little more clear to us as well.  Last Summer, Shelbie developed a strange lump in her neck.  I took her to three different specialists and no one could say for sure what it was other than a lymph node that was really swollen.  She was also sick every couple of weeks with one virus or another and then the ITP hit in November.  A couple of months ago, our doctor in Seattle suggested we start testing Shelbie for Myloproliferative diseases such as lymphoma.  I hesitated to do that, mostly because I didn't want to be yanked from my safe place in denial.  Last week, the lumps just started getting smaller and smaller and this week they are totally gone!  I'm sure it was the chemotherapy that resolved whatever was going on and part of me wonders if the lymph nodes were players in the ITP in some round about way. 

I am relieved that Shelbie made it this far.  Sitting in the hospital just two months ago, the only options our doctor gave us were not hopeful and his response when I asked him about the chemo drug was, "That's fine if you want her to die!"  He was so against it but I couldn't deny the feeling I had that it was what we needed to do.  I stuck to my guns and though it was hard and awkward and eventually had to bring in our Hematologist from Seattle to convince him, he consented to start the chemo.  Yesterday was my payday as a mother, knowing that trusting in God and listening to the Spirit does keep us in his tender loving care. 

As we left the appointment yesterday, I said to our Doctor, "So, do you think we did the right thing?"
"YES! It was the right thing."
"And she isn't going to die from the chemo?"
"No, she is going to be okay."

That's all I wanted to hear.  Of course, we are not out of the woods.  Chemo did cause a few side effects that may or may not resolve.  She now has leaky vessels and is causing water from her blood to spill out into her other cells so she has been dealing with a lot of puffiness but it's manageable.  It's too soon to tell if she will need IVIG to support her new immune system but we can handle that. 

Her other counts are not looking good but that's a tale for another post!  For now, we are giving thanks for God's mercy and enjoying a little breathing room.  I think I actually feel my shoulders sinking and relaxing instead of strangling my ears!


  1. I've been waiting to read this post!! That's such a blessing that you guys heard the word you wanted to hear.... REMISSION!! WooHoo! Way to trust your gut instinct and the Spirit and do the right thing!

    By the way, I'm sorry you lost your friend. I'm sure this has been a roller coaster of a week with such highs and lows. You were so sweet to be there with her a lot of the time and I'm sure that meant a lot to her.


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