Better than imagined

Spencer is fairing much better than I had imagined.  Friday night was rough and I was wiped out this morning.  His fever is not spiking so high anymore which I am really glad for.  He is one of my kids that has always had problems with febrile seizures and even though it's been awhile since he had one, they are terrifying to watch and I always have this fear in the back of mind that it will happen again, especially with fevers as high as he has had with this pneumonia. 

He is really tired and his cough is getting worse but I think that is to be expected.  I really hope he continues to improve because Wednesday, he is scheduled to have his wisdom teeth pulled out.  This month is not going to be a good one for him to say the least.  Pneumonia, wisdom teeth extractions, a days worth of testing at the hospital sometime this week or next, then a bone marrow biospy the week after that!  Poor guy!  He seems to be taking things in stride.  The rest he has been able to get while being sick has actually been a good thing for him.


  1. I'm glad he's doing better than expected. Febrile seizures are so scary! Holy cow! Ezra had one once and I was so freaked out we ran to the ER. I'm glad his fevers are lower now :)


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