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I know I have posted before about the Sullenger family.  I don't know them personally but have been interested in them since their only child died this past August.  They are in the middle of this awesome project to honor their daughter Preslee on her third birthday which would have been in December.  They are making tote bags for Primary Children's Medical Center PICU for parents who arrive in an emergency situation and need some essentials. You can visit the blog they have set up for this event here.  Once on their blog, you will see a list of things they are still in need of.  I just thought with the holidays just around the corner, you may be looking for a family service project to do and I think this is a great one!  Wanted to pass along a little cheer!


  1. Kathy...

    Thanks for the link....we are looking over the list as we speak....

    This is a WONDERFUL idea.



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