Super Long Day

Bad Photo, the room was really dark.  This is what IgG looks like.  The pharmaceutical company Grifols that manufactured this is in Spain but we have a Grifols plasma center in our very own little town, right on main street.  Funny they had to send it all the way from Spain!  God bless all those students who donate each day.  I wonder if they know they saved a life today?

Shelbie, not feeling on top of the world but graceful through it all.

The infusion from Shelbie's view.  Cool how you can see me sitting next to her in my pink, wool coat.

About 7 hours of infusion and we are done for today.  More tests tomorrow but that won't be a big deal, I hope.  The nurses today were terrific!  They were so happy, helpful and had a great sense of humor and treated Shelbie as if she were their own daughter.  That made all the difference in the world.  They took it nice and slow and loaded her up with benedryl and tylenol beforehand in hopes of avoiding the nasty side effects.  She spent all day with a low grade fever and pretty low blood pressure.  Not sure yet if those symptoms will prove to be a problem or not.  So far, no headache to speak of so we may not have to deal with aseptic meningitis. 

Her counts are still in the tank so she is far from out of the woods, especially the bleeding risks since she is still functioning on an insanely small number of platelets.  This is no immediate fix that's for sure but it's a start. 

Even though this last week has consumed my thoughts, still in the back of mind is the nagging reminder that mito tests are still pending and should be coming in days, maybe a week.  I don't imagine this white knuckle ride is over yet.  Until then, we will just keep hoping and praying.  I am really pleased with where we stand right now.  Of course it can always be better sometimes we have to take what we can get.


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