The latest

It's hard getting sick over the holidays.  Not much could happen today.  Tomorrow morning we will head back into the hospital for an IVIG treatment.  Hopefully she won't have too many reactions from it and maybe by some great miracle her platelets are coming back on their own and in my perfect world, we won't have to do the infusion.  It never hurts to keep hoping. 

Today has been quiet but filled with lots of well wishes and warm thoughts.  So many kind people extending invitations for me to join their families.  I was able to take a good long nap and felt much better about things afterwards.  I really needed some quiet time when I could just let the feelings come without trying to hide them or put on a facade that everything is okay.  I felt bad saying no to such kindness but it was the needful thing. 

I will update more tomorrow.  Things change quickly in our little crazy world.  You really can't predict what will happen next even though we like to try. 


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