Planning a strong week

As tempting as it is to hide out, lay low and prevent crazy from setting in because we are still waiting for results, I am reminded of a talk I heard once from Marcus Buckingham.  He suggested we need to "Plan a strong week. It isn't just going to happen on it's own"  What he meant by this is to build into the week things that will energize and strengthen you.  So how do you know what to plan that will strengthen your week?  If you look forward to something and time speeds up, then it's a strength.  If you can't concentrate on a project or job than it's a weakness.

I have tried to do just that.  Aside from the usual cleaning I have to do for people, I have planned one service activity each day for myself and the kids to do. Helping other people is something that energizes me. It is true, the best cure of stress and anxiety is to get out and help someone else be happy, accomplish their goals, feel loved and taken care of.  It's one of the great 'spiritual laws', if you want to get something, give it.  It keeps abundance circulating.  There is a lot I want in life which requires me to give a lot more and that is energizing to see this law come full circle. 

Even though I am planning a strong week for myself and pulling the kids along with me, they are struggling and I don't know how else to help them but get them into the thick of serving.  I found out last night that all the while I have been praying for things to be okay with the kids, one of my children has been praying that they are sick!  Try hearing that from your child! I'll admit it was a struggle to not shut them down immediately because sometimes, I just don't want to hear it but instead I tried to understand what that meant.  Even I don't realize how crummy they feel.  When all they want to do is sleep, I sometimes get tired of seeing them so lethargic and think if I prod them and make them get up to do something, they will feel better.  That doesn't work, the only one that feels better is me because if they are up and doing something than they must be okay, a little trick I play on myself so I don't worry.   No one, not even doctors really understand just how tired and sick they feel everyday either so having something like cancer, puts a name to the pain, then it's acceptable to rest all day but without a name, a diagnosis, they are just 'lazy'.  I guess I can see how they would feel that way but it's still hard to know what to do as a parent and even harder to see the despair settled in their quivering brow as they try to hold back the tears and be strong. I know that even people who associate with us on a daily basis only see a strong front and everyone seems okay but it's only a facade.  

I guess I need to be a little more patient and realize that this is just as hard, if not harder on them than it is on me.  There is definitely a learning curve to all this, not fun.


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