A Little Reprieve

Sunday ended up being a better day.  The headache was manageable and she had a couple of visitors as well.  It  perked her up and kept her spirits up.  One thing I can say about us, we still seem to find our humor even when things are pretty gloomy.  People hear what Shelbie is having to go through right now and I am sure they think the feeling here is pretty heavy and depressing.  It really isn't.  It's actually pretty upbeat and positive.  That's not to say we don't have our moments. Sometimes, I find myself wondering how the world can go on when we are stumbling so much.  It doesn't last long and hopefully, is normal. 

Today is pretty good so far as well.  Shelbie had signed up at the beginning of the month to work today and tomorrow.  She had a one hour project to do at Walmart for Crest, setting up a display and such and one to do tomorrow at Broulims.  Once you sign up for a project, it's pretty hard to get out of it.  We headed to the hospital first thing to get her daily CBC.  Her IV was not working properly so they had to pull it and stick her again. The poor girl is so beat up and bruised from blood tests and IV's.  Nurses are struggling to find a decent vein to use.  We got home after about an hour or so and she crashed until it was time to get ready for work.  She is still on pain meds and anti inflammatories for the headache so no driving for her.  I drove her to Walmart to complete her job at noon.

We have had a lot of little blessings and tender mercies already today.  Last night, when we were falling asleep, (I've been sleeping on her floor just in case she gets into trouble through the night) she said how much she just wanted a stuffed bear to hug while she is going through all this.  At the hospital this morning, the nurse brought in a great big stuffed monkey as a gift for Shelbie!  Not a bear but a really soft, cute monkey.  It was so kind of the nurses in short stay.  I have really been impressed with them this week.  I felt like that was an answer to prayers.  Even though it was small and insignificant really, I have always thought that if it's important to you, its important to God.  I pointed this out to Shelbie.  It was almost as if that monkey was a little heart message from God letting her know that he is near!  It's little things like that that truly make all the difference in this journey.

The second blessing we had was at her job.  The project today involved bringing boxes of Spin Brush toothbrushes out from the stock room and putting together a holiday display for Crest.  Oddly enough, Walmart had no stock left in the Spin Brushes! None on the shelves either.  The materials for the display were no where to be found.  Typically, if there isn't work to do then she is to stay for the allotted time straightening product or dusting the shelf of the product she is representing.  There was nothing to do so she was able to leave.    I was so glad.  I was torn this morning about calling the corporate office myself in California and cancelling for her but then I thought it would be important that we try to find our new 'normal' and get her back into a routine as much as possible.  I was hoping it would be a good distraction.  Just being in the store for 10 min was way too much for.  She was shaking and weak and ready to collapse.  Another tender mercy that by chance, there was nothing for her to do.  She will still get paid as if she did the job so another bonus for her.

The third blessing was that I was suppose to clean two houses today.  I cleaned the first one while Shelbie was napping this morning after the hospital.  The second one was suppose to start at noon, the same time Shelbie's was to start.  I didn't want to leave her alone at Walmart but didn't want to cancel cleaning either.  Just before we left, the lady I cleaned for called to tell me she had a kidney stone and wanted me to skip this week.  Whew!  I was relieved but sad that the lady has to feel so bad. 

I am really proud of the way Shelbie is handling things.  If you saw her today, other than being real pale, you would never know she had anything wrong with her.  I'm sure it makes people think we are making all this up!  I wish we were.  Oh, I guess I better mention the best part of the day...her platelets are at 72!  That is awesome.  I hope they continue to increase.  One thing about ITP is that it is very unpredictable.  One day it can be up, the next day rock bottom.  Our past experience with this, it has dragged on for months.  We don't want to go through this for months but if that is how it has to be then we are ready for it!  This will be a big week as we wait to see how long the IVIG will help the situation.  Though it is taking a huge toll on the rest of her body, it is nice to see that she is out of the danger zone for bleeding.  We will take whatever we can get at this point.  


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