Silent Warriors

This has been a long week yet sped by at the same time.  Monday feels like forever ago.  The kids have been up and down with little viral annoyances or one thing or another most of which needed the attention of a doctor.  I took them all in on Wednesday afternoon.  Shelbie's platelets are running low again.  Not horribly low like we have seen in the past but they have dropped steadily since August, in fact dropped by 70,000 so now they are below normal.  I didn't really show much reaction while in the office but it was discouraging to hear. 

The following afternoon, when I completed my cleaning jobs, I headed to the library and ran some other errands.  It seemed that everywhere I went, I ran into other moms who have a child with cancer or who are going through chemo treatments with a child.  We know of each others struggles but don't really know each other.   We exchanged the international signal for mom's who take care of sick kids, a tender smile and a sympathetic nod and carried on our way. 

So much can be said in a smile and a nod to a mom who struggles with a child who is chronically ill. Without words, you know how they feel, you know of their sorrow, worries and anxieties.  You know the wearying battle they fight each day and yet, here we are doing what needs to be done and all with a smile on our face and no one is any wiser.  We are all Silent Warriors, a secret pact, hearts that are held together with these little moments when one and the battle they face is acknowledged.


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