ID Tags

This week, being at the hospital so much, I have been intrigued with the nurses ID badges.  What is up with that?  No one, not one person showed any resemblance to their photo.  It was really weird, even the BYUI student paramedic we had last night.  His picture had him looking like a 90lb 15 year old but in reality he looked to be in his mid twenties and definitely not 90lbs. ha ha. 

Okay, just thought I'd throw that out there.  We had high hopes for yesterday, we really did but the headache kept getting worse throughout the day, the fever lingered and by evening the vomiting started.  Try throwing up when you already feel like your head is going to explode.   I've never done that myself but to watch Shelbie was less than entertaining.  My heart broke for her.  There was nothing more I could do and felt helpless so I took her up to the ER.  They started fluids immediately and morphine.  That helped her settle down and the pain eased up a bit.  She had two bags of fluids and a couple injections of morphine and sent us home with IV anti nausea meds.  The doctor felt admitting her could be beneficial but he wasn't opposed to letting her go home.  Shelbie chose to come home.  We were finished around 2am.  She has been sleeping well since then but I woke her up to take more pain meds at 7:00.  I'm hoping the pain doesn't get away from us.  They sent her home with the IV intact so she has an open line just in case.  I feel better about that. 

The excitement doesn't end there.  Just as we were walking out the door, Spencer was in an accident and his car is now undrivable.  He is okay but that was almost the straw to break my back.  Then I had to deal with attitude from my wasband....that was the last straw!

 As I walked with Shelbie into the emergency room, it felt like we had time traveled into the 1920's.  The snow was falling in slow motion from the illuminated night sky.  Across the parking lot, in the city park, a celebration was taking place.  The pavillion was festively decorated, people were bundled up and a tinny sounding Christmas carol played from the band.  I felt like I was stuck inside and old, old radio program.  The weirdest feeling ever.  I felt the whole world just spinning and nothing felt familar.  I turned to Shelbie and said, "Does this feel strange to you? The crazy sounding Christmas music, the onslaught of problems, coming to the hospital AGAIN? This can not be freakin real!"
She looked at me, even the way she looked at me seemed off, she stopped in her steps, shook her head and let out a grimacing chuckle, "Ya, your right, crazy".  I still hear that distant, old radio music playing in my head from the band in the park.


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