Family Shenanigans

Yesterday was Shelbie's birthday!  26 seems impossible that I have a 26 year old.  Ugh.

I'm still look around for an adult every single day to help me but then I realize that by some twist of sick fate, I am the adult!  I hardly seem like the best candidate to be a mom, I still feel like I'm an awkward 14 year old. 

At any rate...the weekend was incredibly difficult.  It's been a long time since we felt such blows.  Shelbie struggled every minute of every day and I was worried about how her birthday was going to turn out.  Spencer made it home to help celebrate and Sam arrived at about the same time as Spencer, from his week long trip to Oregon.  It was a huge blessing for them to be home.  They are Shelbie's 'Disco Ball' of fun!  The whole day turned around.

We didn't do anything special.  I worked my tail off on Monday, the boys took Shelbie in to Idaho Falls to buy a new camera.  Her camera broke on Saturday during a photo shoot.  Thankfully, it was in the last 10 minutes of the photo shoot.  Cameras have a shutter life.  You can get roughly 75,000 - 100,000 shutter clicks before it gives out.  Shelbie had 177,000 shutter clicks on her 2 year old camera!!  Just think of all the moments that girl has captured in two years?  It's amazing to consider.  It's also staggering what a new camera of her quality costs...Over $2000.  She had some savings and drained her bank account but she's back in business.

We had dinner in Idaho Falls with my nephew and his wife and came home to eat cake and watch a movie.  Pretty low key but it kept Shelbie's mind occupied.  It was such a fun night watching the kids relax and laugh.  I've decided that is my favorite thing. 

My other favorite thing today, was talking to Sam.  I have this amazing relationship with my kids and we have the most candid, deep talks.  This afternoon, he was laying on my bed and I was on the computer trying to finish up some drawings and he said, "Mom, hypothetically, if I obey and honor you does that mean I will actually live a long time on earth or does that commandment mean something else?"

"Sam, yes it does.  If you obey my every word, you will be immortal, so might I suggest you go clean your room and bring me a Diet Coke."  He did not find the humor in that!  But seriously, it was a 45 minute conversation that lead to so many other interesting gospel discussions.  I'm never quite sure what Sam is thinking about, let alone if he's even concerned with anything religious.  He was admonished in a blessing he received a few years ago, that he was to honor and obey his parents and he would live a long time. 

It was a serious conversation and I know that Sam is stuck right now.  He is worried about his future and there's a girl involved...With Shelbie's upcoming trial, he is a little anxious as well, because he seems to be moving in the same direction Shelbie is, when it comes to health issues.  Sam has a tender heart and is trying to live bravely and boldly without worrying about what the future holds.  I can't imagine how hard it really is for these kids, to watch one another suffer.

Well, here are some  pictures from Shelbie's birthday.

Shelbie's birthday cake- I tried a naked cake this time.  The layers were separated with a lemon curd and raspberry filling.

This might be my favorite picture of all time.  I want to blow this up larger than life and hang it in my living room.  These kids have learned to laugh in the face of overwhelming sadness and I love this most about them. 

It took 20 minutes to get this picture because they didn't want to stop goofing around. 

I can't imagine my life could be any better than this...if was a perfect evening.


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