Creative destruction

Did you know that creation resides in the very same part of the brain that trauma does?   So, you don't have to travel far in your mind, to create something different from a traumatic experience that threatens to destroy you.

Last week, knowing we would have a week of anxious waiting, I made some calculated decisions; we would spend the week in creation; a week of creativity and access a part of our brains that would keep us from dwelling on a hard reality.   What I neglected to calculate though, was the time it would take to make this happen for Shelbie.  It has become an additional part time job which means I work my regular jobs from about 7:00 at night until the very wee hours of the morning, sleep for 3 hours or so, get up at 5:30 or 6 and work a few more hours until Shelbie is up and ready for more distraction. I'm still working about 9 hours in addition to driving Shelbie to photo shoots every day and creating things with her, and physical therapy for me.  I am tired.

I found 30 minutes this afternoon that I could take a power nap and I napped hard!  So hard in fact, the phone rang half way into it, and I woke up completely disoriented about where I was, what day it was and even what year I was in!!  It was awesome and miserable at the same time!  Ha ha.

Here is what we did for today...We did some serious creating, not some little putzy crafts!!  We completely redid her bedroom.

Here is the 'Before' picture of her bedroom from about 5 years ago.

The before bedroom
 And, her bedroom after a long day!

 Isn't it beautiful?!!  I hand painted this forest scene!  Just kidding, I didn't.  It's wallpaper from Sweden.  I did hang each of the 9 panels, matching every little branch of those trees! I couldn't have done it without Shelbie.  She was a big help!  I have only hung wallpaper two other times in the past 15 years so I wasn't sure I could pull this off, but we did it!!

Prior to hanging the wallpaper, Shelbie painted the walls this dark charcoal grey.  I have always had a policy that my kids can do whatever they want to their rooms without any question or hassle from me.  I've seen it all! Spencer's bedroom walls are wheat-pasted in newspaper we collected when we were in New York and then in graffiti font across the entire wall it says, "Hope is not lost"  He did it all himself.  Sam's room is covered in doodles and graffiti.

Anyways...back to Shelbie's room.  Here it is all done up.  It's so beautiful.  I even love the actual cow skull we found awhile ago.  The nighttime lighting makes the paper look extra pink but it really isn't that pink.  The comforter is a blush pink, new gold night stands and I even installed a brand new modern light...not shown.  Apparently, I'm an electrician now too!

I'm so happy we got it done.  It will be a beautiful room for her to recuperate in when I get her home from surgery next week.

Tomorrow, I will post our other creative ventures!

We were suppose to be in Salt Lake tonight for Spencer's Cardiology appointment early tomorrow morning but there has been an unexpected turn of events for that young man and we had to cancel it.  So, that saved me an extra day down there.  We will head out tomorrow night instead or super early on Friday, depending on how dead I feel tomorrow after I get done with work.

I will write more about Spencer's new complicated life tomorrow.


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