Another week of gratitude wrapping up.  The end of the week seemed bring with it a bit of a respite from hospitals, illness, discomfort and even the emotional roller coaster came to a halt long enough to catch my breath.

I had every intention of simplifying the holiday but that dream was nothing close to the reality that transpired.  This was Spencer's first Thanksgiving with us in two years and it was also my Wasband's nephew's first Thanksgiving since he got home from his mission, so it just got bigger than anticipated.  Part of it was that I was home alone the night before Thanksgiving.  The kids went over to their dad's and spent the night.  The quiet and aloneness wasn't terribly fun so I just kept cooking and baking until about 1 am, it all got out of hand.  It's also a holiday miracle because food hasn't been my priority since Spencer got sick.  The whole Salmonella thing just messed with my head.  So, I did a lot of hard things with food in 24 hours, made everything except the Nutella from scratch, nothing processed!  Yay me!

We had a brunch at 11 which consisted of crepes, a variety of fresh fruits, Nutella, Whipped Cream, veggie trays, fresh spinach artichoke dip, cheese and crackers...the list goes on and grazing happened until dinner at 5.

I know some people complain about Thanksgiving getting lost with Christmas coming too soon but I think Thanksgiving is the holiday that kicks off Christmas.  It's a great way to start the Christmas season with gratitude for our Saviour, so, I always have the house decorated for Thanksgiving. Decorations are pretty simple since my house is so tiny but it's just enough.

Christmas tree and mantel


My favorite thing for the holidays is a poinsettia in a glass vase.  There is something about seeing the dirt, the roots...I love! 

Brunch- this is only one counter full of food.  My Wasband and his nephew joined us and it made for a good day.  We also had our neighbors over for brunch since they had to stay home at the last minute due to weather, so, it was a good crowd of mouths to feed. 

Sleigh Ride.  The kids and I went out to a ranch that was offering free sleigh rides with some canned food donations.  It was freezing but so peaceful to be with my kids.
It was a good few days together as a family.  Shelbie had so many photo shoots prior to Thanksgiving, she was pretty exhausted and by Saturday her blood pressure was crazy and her heart rate even stranger so she struggled.  Spencer wanted to go to the mall Saturday, so we had to rent a wheelchair for Shelbie.  I hate that but it's becoming more common.   I even thought I should probably just buy one because it happens so much.  Spencer kept asking if they could switch because he is still pretty weak.  Sometimes, I just laugh at how crazy things can get but, it's life.

All in all, we survived and it was good.



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