Remember When...

Remember yesterday when my motto was "Perplexed but not despaired"?

Funny comes at you fast sometimes and can really catch you off guard!

This morning, I am feeling very much like a hypocrite!  Ha ha...Funny.  Not funny.

I guess because last night, Shelbie had some symptoms crop up that has me worried we are headed down a similar track with her.

Today, it became extremely clear that we have absolutely no plan for how to move forward.  We had no follow up instructions so we are just hanging out to dry.  We just jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet and totally forgot to pack our parachute.  I hate it when we do that!

In other words, we have no doctor.  Our Hematologist in Seattle moved to Boston and she isn't open for business yet but even still, what can she possibly do a million miles away?  We didn't get established with the new Seattle doc but in my lovely insurance letter, Seattle is now out of network anyways.  We have a family doc but I'm not sure he is going to be able to do much since he always has to refer us on anyways so...the pressure is on.

I am just really waiting on the Lord for some direction.

I did make a call to the Public Health Department for the State of Idaho and have made contact with the Epidemiologist for the State.  Hopefully, he returns my call after hearing my message.  I am feeling more and more that Spencer contracted Salmonella from the water here at home.  It just seems unlikely that it was from a restaurant in Utah. None of his friends he ate with even had as much as a hint of illness.  But, I have talked to a dozen people who had many family members with diarrhea even before the City let the public know there was a water problem.  I am hoping they will have some ideas of what direction to take this.  I have heard that there are Infectious Disease docs in Idaho Falls and I am going to look into that.  I will also start hunting a new Oncologist in Pocatello and Utah.

In the back of my mind...I have this crazy idea of taking Spencer back to University of Utah, which is in our network (they just didn't have any beds) and taking him to the ER.  At that point, they would probably call in Hematology/Oncology, Infectious Disease and Gastroenterology and we could begin setting down some new medical roots.

As for Spencer, he seems a little better today but he hadn't eaten anything until I got home for lunch and that is typical.  As long as he doesn't eat or drink, he feels okay.   He said the joint pain is manageable and his neck is not as stiff and his migraine has backed off.  He took his last dose of Cipro for the Salmonella.  Now, we just need his impressive immune system to kick it to the curb.  I am rooting for those little cells!  C-diff is just going to be another long story before that goes away.

Mentally, he is struggling.  He is anxious about an apartment he is paying for but not living at.  He is anxious about school.  He is anxious about not having money to pay his bills. He is anxious about his job which he was let go from.  They are really great employers though.  It's just kind of funny, in one week, he got a promotion, a pay raise and fired...he likes to joke about that.  Really though, they said when he is better they will find a place for him to come back.  I am so grateful to them!  That's pretty amazing.  He is anxious about getting back to work maybe next week and then asking for Thanksgiving off to come home and see his family.  So many things to worry about.

Spencer wants to go back to work and school this week.  Without any knowledge about anything, that doesn't seem like the best plan.  Even if he gets to feeling better by Wednesday, we still have a major weight and malabsorption issues to deal with.  He has lost even more weight with all the latest problems.  Not only that, it would be totally unfair to his roommates because we don't know to what extent he is contagious.    I understand that he is tired of being sick and I understand that days like this happen.  I just don't really know what to do about it.

Believe me, I would rather he was back to work and school.  I can't afford to pay his rent and mine and all the other bills piling up when I haven't even been able to hardly work for over a week.

So, today is just all around hard... I guess it is to be expected.

A plan is what we are praying for.   Just a little direction because right now, I have no clue about anything!!



  1. Kathy.
    There are infectious doctors in Idaho Falls. There is one we dealt with though who totally misdiagnosed something simple. Let me know if you want to stay clear of that doctor and I can text you the name or give you more details.


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