Sorry for the delay in updates.

Today has been busy and full of trying to piece this crazy situation together.

The first 24 hours and so far, the blood cultures are negative which is great news.  We just need the next 24 hours to come up clean as well. This is the test to see if the Salmonella bacteria has infiltrated his blood.  It takes 48 hours for a final reading.

Spencer has been stable all day but definitely no improvement.  Tonight, maybe he is a tad worse as far as pain goes.  He has developed a reactive arthritis and all of his joints are inflamed and really sore.  His skin is tender to the touch and he has been dealing with a significant amount of pain and continues to be passing a lot of blood.   Still no fever.   I ran into some people I know who's relative has an infection in his leg and his temperature is 105.  We have two massive bacteria and a virus and nothing. None of this makes sense and has become so complicated that even I am having a hard time understanding it all.   I've been trying to research and understand all I can so I can watch for any red flags.

Spencer is trying to be in a good spirits but it is hard.  He got off to a good start with food intake today but tonight, he is just too sick to eat.  His asthma is flaring and in trying to get home last night, we totally forgot about his rescue inhalers.   They were suppose to send Respiratory Therapy to give him breathing treatments but that was promised 3.5 hours ago and still nothing.

Basically, I am extremely frustrated.  We are completely unsupported by our primary care physician and that is the worst feeling in the world, to feel completely alone and abandoned by the doctor you entrusted to care for your kids for the past 8 years.   It is inexcusable.

I am taking Spencer home tomorrow.  I can't stay here anymore.  He wants to be home. Without infiltration in the blood, oral antibiotics and other treatments can be done at home and I can do a better job than what is being done.

I don't like days like this.  I feel like I am losing my ever loving mind.  It's so incredibly incongruent and I don't understand how this is happening to us.



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