My Broken Car

As it car broke down.  The kind of breaking down that really hurts the pocket book.  The kind that makes you wonder if you should just scrap it and buy a new car. The kind that shuts down your bank account.  The kind that makes you curl up in a ball and cry like a baby.  The kind that makes you wish you had a Sugar Daddy.  The kind that...Okay, you get the picture.

 I was so upset upon hearing the news.  So, the darn thing is in the shop for the rest of the week!  Boo...

This morning after Sam drove me to the car shop, he left for school and I had an appointment.  Shelbie needed her car so that left me with two options.

Ride a bike.

Either way, I knew I would be freezing so I chose the method that would leave me freezing for the shortest amount of time.  I chose the bike option.  I rode my bike in 37 degree weather with my pink, wool pea coat and cream silk and wool scarf fluttering in the wind behind me.  My little leather flats with the flowers were the perfect addition to this ridiculous look I was sporting on my $89 Huffy bike.

Let's not forget that I had black leather gloves on and cotton in my ears because the wind just seems to whip through my ears and create a horrible earache and I was not going to have that!

About two blocks from my house, I was huffing and puffing and thought it seemed awfully hard to pedal.  I looked down to find two flat tires!  Sweet! I didn't have time to turn back, as it was I was running late.  I just pushed ahead.  My brittle little fingers wrapped as tightly as they could around the handle bars and my arthritic knees, clicking with every rotation of the pedals, was draining me of energy and oxygen.  It was as if I had never exerted an ounce of energy...EVER!
This is how I thought I looked riding my bike! 
This is how I felt riding my bike

This is how I actually looked riding my bike!!! For reals!  Just kidding, of course.. I'm not a man! 

The wind was brisk and made my nose run and my eyes water!  By the time I reached my destination, I looked like Rudolph, my make up was running from the tears splashing across my cheeks and I was completely out of breath, AND I had to go to the bathroom!  Never drink 32 ounces of water before a cold bike ride when you are my age!  Just sayin'.  I was a pretty awesome sight!  It was sort of funny...and then...I had to ride home!  It was a joyful morning.

When I found out I wasn't going to have a car the rest of the week, I decided to rent a car.  This story kind of redeemed me from the embarrassing morning!

So, I walked in to Enterprise and stood at the desk and declared my desire to rent a car.
The guy said, "Okay, but you need to be 21 years old to rent a car."
"Okay."  Whatever...
"So, can I see your license?"
"Sure."  I handed him my license and he took down some information
"Do you have a credit card?  I'm gonna need a credit card in order to rent you a car."
"Okay."  I handed him my over extended credit card
"So, where are you going with the car?"
"On a business trip."
"Oh, like for a class?"
"No, I own my own business."
"YOU own your own business? Is this in addition to school?"
"Ummm, no."  So, by now, I don't really get this guy.  He was being weird with his game of 20 questions.

We headed out to the lot and he started the car and did his inspection.  Then he says, "So, what is your business?"
"I'm a designer.  Interior Design."
Then the guy gets really excited!  "So, you go up to the University here?  I dated a girl in the Interior Design department, you probably know her! "(then he spouted off her name)
"Oh, NOOOO.  I graduated 25 years ago, I'm sure I don't know her."
"Wait!!! You what?  You graduated...what? Did you say 2-5 years ago?"
"Yes, I graduated 25 years ago.  I could be your girlfriend's mother.  I could be YOUR mother!"
"Oh-My-Gosh!! You can't be that old!  I thought you were like 21 years old!  Oh my gosh...I wasn't even a year old when you graduated from College!! Oh my gosh!"

OH MY right!  I was laughing so hard!  It was a great moment! I think the kid was still standing on the curb slack jawed as I drove off!  If only I felt like a 21 year old!

So, my lousy day ended on a high note!  I'll take 21.  Heck, I'll take 35, even 40!  Turns out I actually have some pretty decent genes hidden away.  It must be all the Apple Cider Vinegar I am drinking in the name of good health or my awesome alkaline diet.  Who knew the results would pay off so quickly!



  1. They need to have a like button on blog posts because I would like all your posts. But this one, I loved! Thanks for the laugh on this crazy Halloween night at work!!


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