The car saga continues...

Yesterday, when I picked up the rental, after I was accused of being barely 21 years old, he asked me if I wanted additional insurance.  Since I'm a cheapskate, I immediately said NO!  I didn't think I really had any business spending an additional $40 when I couldn't even afford the car in the first place.

He went on to say that my regular insurance would cover an accident but not little things like rock damage.  I still wanted to say NO, but had a little feeling of paranoia come over me that I should take the added insurance.

I staged a little fight in my head.  I've rented cars many times before and driven in big cities and never, ever had an issue!  This car would only be driven to and from Star Valley for my presentation.
There is nothing between here and Star Valley but some pine trees and the occasional cow pasture.  It seemed such a waste but, in the end, I sided with my uneasy feeling and indulged in some insurance I was certain would be a waste.

Well, I headed out early this morning on my two hour trip.  30 miles out and the check engine light comes on.  This little car is practically brand new!  Check Engine light!  Wonderful!  I panicked for a minute trying to decide if I should take a chance and keep going, or go home and cancel my presentation.  I kept going.

About 30 minutes after that, I was driving along, minding my own business, not a car in sight in front of me or behind me.  There were cars passing me on the highway but no one on my side.  Low and behold, out of the blue a rock from a passing Honda Accord gets thrown up and cracks my windshield!!  A car from the opposite direction!!  Cracks the windshield!!  ON A BRAND NEW RENTAL CAR!!!  How does that happen to anyone but me??

I literally gasped in shock and wonder!  I couldn't stop staring at the damage!  It's unbelievable.

When I arrived at the hospital, I parked in the aisle farthest from the door.  There was no one else parked clear out there but one other vehicle.  I parked 3 spaces away from that vehicle.  I went into my presentation and 2 hours later, came out to a dent and scratched off paint on the driver's side door!  A DENT!!  ON A BRAND NEW RENTAL CAR!!!  Again...how does this happen to anyone but me?

The whole way home, I couldn't help but wonder at my luck.  I also wondered about God.  Is God really in the smallest details of our life?  Did he know that the rock and dent would happen to me today, was that feeling the Holy Ghost prompting me to buy the insurance because $40 is a whole lot better than forking over a new windshield and body work?

Did God allow the rock and dent to happen so I wouldn't feel like the $40 was a waste?

Did it just happen out of the blue because stuff just happens?

I kind of want to believe that God is in the details, the minutia, the stuff that seems pointless to anyone but me.  I would have had a stroke on the spot when that windshield cracked had I not bought the coverage.

While I was doing this pondering, the radio was scanning for a channel without static.  It stopped at a station called, The Reverend.  Some radio evangelist was talking about trials.  I like listening to stuff like this so kept it on.  He said something so interesting that clicked with me...

He talked about three things to do when bad things happen.
1.  Don't isolate
2.  Read the scriptures
3.  Expect God to show up.   I like the way he put that...EXPECT God to show up.  Well, he certainly showed up today for me.

Then he talked about Christ being crucified.  A lot of people viewed that as a defeating moment.  A triumph for evil and the adversary.  The good guy lost, died in innocence but in reality, He overcame death just three days later!  God showed up just as He promised he would.  In all the losing, good had actually won.

So, what does that mean to me?  Well, life can often feel like one defeat after the other.  I really do have the worst luck.  I have friends who have strange things happen to them but it's always in the realm of awesome and amazing...like they get surprised with free Pina Coladas while sitting on the beach in a swanky resort in the Virgin Islands or something!

Me?  I get surprised with a rock to the windshield...but I have insurance!  My awesome coincidences are more in the realm of traumatic and shocking!

Today, my perspective changed slightly...these aren't the defeating moments that they may seem.  I'm not losing.  God showed up.  I prayed this morning for safety and despite the check engine light, a few dents, I arrived there and back safely.



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