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I thought it was high time I posted an update on Elder Goff.   I'm sure when people ask me how he's doing, they must think I'm the strangest missionary mom because I really have nothing much to say.  I usually just say, "As far as I know, he's fine."  

I know what he's doing as far as his work goes, but he doesn't talk about how 'HE' is doing.  He never talks about his health.  He rarely complains.  I think in 15 months, there has only been one letter that mentioned any kind of struggle and the next letter, he spent apologizing for not being positive.

He talks about how much he loves the work, the service...his mission...Colorado...the people, his companions, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father.

He talks about how he's never been happier

He talks about how much he has grown

He talks about the meetings he gets to have with General Authorities and the inspiring messages they leave.

I know he's busy and in love with the work because he hardly takes the time to send pictures so I don't even have many of those to share.

This past week, he was transferred into the city.  He is currently serving in Littleton, in the neighborhood of the Columbine High School.  He did say he misses the wonderful people of Montrose.  He made some amazing friendships and connections there.  He is still a zone leader and has been one for almost more than half of his mission.

It has been clear that he is living out a mission, within a mission.  Everything has happened so fast for him.  He has been given a lot of growing opportunities and leadership opportunities right off the bat.  The Mission President refers to Spencer as a "Heavy Lifter"; saying that he can trust Spencer to do anything and he knows it will be done and done well.  He has mostly served in Tri-Pans; two other companions and one has always been a 'Special Needs' Elder and that has been so good for Spencer.  I think he has really enjoyed and grown to love them.  He has been serving now for 15 months!  He's going to be home before we know it!  

There has been one theme that has woven its way through his mission...death.  (I find it ironic that he is living near Columbine High School because of the shooting 15 years ago.)  I'm not sure how many baptisms he has had but he has had 6 investigators he was teaching or new converts pass away quite unexpectedly and they were young!  Each passing has been hard on him because he got so attached to them and loved them.  He was only blessed to attend one of the funerals.  Each other time, he was transferred before the funeral.

I have spent a lot of time pondering on this and I have had a few impressions.  I think that God is hastening his work and I can imagine that just as there is so much work to do here on earth, there is just as much to do on the other side.  I like to think that those people who left the earth way to early were blessed with the knowledge they needed to go to the Spirit world and help teach.

I also think that it has given Spencer a different and sweet perspective on dying.  As long as I live, I will never forget one line he wrote some time ago..."I feel like I am in Heaven; preaching the gospel in Heaven and if this is what Heaven is like then, I'm ready!"

When I read his letters, it is absolutely amazing to me that I am reading the words coming from my son!  He has grown up so much.  I had no idea what it would really be like having a missionary.  It's been hard to always see the blessings everyone talks about but not at all hard to see that one of those great blessings has been to see Spencer grow and become more and more like Christ each day!  That is a blessing I never considered and one I cherish!

Here are some of the most recent pictures I have but they are from August.  On their Prep day, the zone of Elders go hiking so the only pictures I have are of their hikes.

This was one of his favorite companions from Sugar City, a town close by from us.  He is as tall as Spencer is short!  



  1. I don't know if you knew that Ted served his mission in Colorado. Littleton was one of his favorite areas and he got close to so many people there. Good to hear an update on Spencer. He and Kellon will be coming home before we know it. So glad he's doing well!


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