Every Day May Not Be Good

I saw this quote when I was in my travels this week.  I kept seeing it, like, all over the place, even in a gas station!  I figured it was a postcard from Heaven and I should pay attention!

I came home and designed my own little chalk board poster.  It pretty much sums up my days.  They aren't all good, in fact there are a lot of hard things each day but I suppose, that is all just part of this mortal life.

Despite all the hard things, there is something good every day.  Some days, you have to look a little harder than others but the good things are there.

If you would like to download a copy, go HERE.


  1. Yeah, so glad I can read your blog again. It's perfect for when I have downtime at work, like tonight. Between reading yours and Alisa's blog, I am always inspired. Thankyou. (This is Maire by the way. I was the one who sent you that email a couple of weeks ago saying I have blog stalked you for three years. Just thought I would finally leave a comment.

  2. Marie, I am glad you actually got a hold of me! I wasn't sure you got my emails I sent you back. Thanks for stalking me...in a good way!! LOL...;)


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