The week ahead

I am quite certain this week will prove to be a busy one.  I was perfectly content spending the weekend in a state of distraction.  There is however, only so much you can do until you have to face reality.  I ended up taking Shelbie up to the hospital for a CBC this afternoon. 
     I had this random thought that since we have been trying to do fewer blood tests in an effort to preserve her veins we didn't check any blood work since her infusion.  This means that maybe the platelet count on Friday was actually showing that they were on their way UP not DOWN like I had assumed.  It's just that we are use to seeing a sharp incline right after IVIG so I figured this time wouldn't be any different. 
     The Phlebotomist we had today was so nice and had a great sense of humor.  That is always helpful at times like these.  He said, "Okay, are you ready?  This won't hurt me a bit.  You close your eyes and I'll close mine!"  I thought those were all clever lines plus he was pretty darn cute...oh wait, it just occurred to me that maybe he was flirting with my daughter....okay, not so cool!
     So, anyhoo, her platelets have dropped 20,000 and she is at 45, also not cool.  I have already emailed the doctor so he will see the results first thing in the morning.  I am anxious to hear what he thinks about this.  I pray that she has not developed an immunity to this treatment already!  Oh how I'm praying for that.  I don't know what other options we have left that would be safe now and not cause any problems for any future treatments.  There has to be something else contributing to the platelet destruction besides the IgG levels but what? (sigh)  Going to Boise remains to be seen.  I will feel so embarrassed if I have to cancel our GI doc again!  He pretty much blocks out half his day just for face time, the rest of the visit will be spent doing testing, so us cancelling leaves him with a big chunk of time and lost revenue.  Sadly enough, I may not have an option in this.  Tomorrow will be a big day, one way or another.  I can hardly wait.  I'm sure the excitement of it all will keep me awake and giddy all night long!


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