Normally an infusion day

Well, today is the third Friday since Shelbie's last IVIG.  Wednesday, her platelets took a strange jump but today, they are well below 100.  By the time the hospital gets all that information to our Doctor and the doctor gets orders written, no infusion will happen today.  More than likely we will have to go the weekend before anything gets done.  That's a bummer.
     Perhaps it was meant to be.  Sam called me from school around 11:30 to say he was sick.  Probably a stomach virus or maybe his ongoing GI issues.  It's really hard to say today.  He hasn't been all that well all week long.  I really hope that next week will bring some relief for the boys and their constant nausea and feeling crummy.  (we meet with our GI in Boise next week)
       This afternoon, I have two kids sharing the couch and loveseat.  Sigh...Spencer went back to school today.  He is feeling better after being poked so many times yesterday so that is a blessing.  Hoping for a peaceful weekend. 


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