Make A Wish- 2007

These are never before seen pictures of Shelbie's Wish in 2007.  We surprised her as she came out of her voice teacher's house.  She knew she was getting a wish but she didn't know when she would get it or if they would be able to grant her 1st wish.  Her 1st wish was to record a vocal CD and take it around to sick children in the hospital.  Her 2nd wish was Disney World.  I remember her saying, "Disney would be fun and I would be happy with it but I really hope I get my first wish."  She did!
The boys made her this fun sign.

All of us waiting for her to come out of the house.  Photographers from the Post Register showed up and actually did a front page story on Shelbie and her wish.

Does this guy look familiar?  I wasn't kidding when I said in my Christmas post that he was an important part of our family!  He was the guy to give Shelbie the great news about her wish along with two 'Wish Granters' from Make A Wish!

Surprises are so fun!

A look of disbelief!

I just love this picture

Coming to say hi to her wish granters and family

The wish took place in Boise.  On the first night, we attended a Make A Wish banquet/fundraiser.  Each table is assigned a team from Boise State.  They assigned Shelbie the Football team!  They waited on us hand and foot and were so kind to Shelbie and the boys.

More of the football team

The Quarterback teaching Shelbie some dance moves.  They shared a favorite song and got up on stage later in the evening and danced together.  It was so much fun!

Waiting in the hotel Lobby the next morning for our limo to arrive.  Shelbie was pretty good at covering up the bald patches on top of her head with this fancy comb over.

Inside the limo.  A flat screen tv and on the other side was a bar stocked with all sorts of family friendly drinks!

Sound check at the recording studio.  She recorded 7 songs in 10 hours.  A super long day but well worth it!

Getting ready to record the first song.

When we got back to the hotel room, the Wish people had decorated it all up with records, music notes and twinkling lights along with a huge basket full of candy!

The following two days, Make A Wish kept us busy with various activities.  The second to last day of our trip, they presented her with 300 finished CD's a trip to St. Lukes to visit the kids on the Oncology  floor and other areas of the hospital.

Back cover of CD

The CD

Signing Autographs for the kids. 

She ended up distributing all 300 CD's with exception of a few we kept for our family.  When we got home, she had 'appearances' to do at Macy's, Z103,Classy 97 and Q102- local radio stations.  They played a selection of her songs and so many people called in to talk to her after they heard her songs.  It was amazing to me how many lives she touched with her music. 
        We will be applying for the boys to get a wish this year.  Make A Wish calls me several times a year to see how Shelbie is doing and if they can grant the boys a wish.  I keep waiting until just the right time...I think that time is coming soon.


  1. I would love to hear it! I think she has a beautiful voice!!

  2. I've heard about her "Make a wish" adventures but it was great to see pictures of it all! Shelbie really has an amazing voice and I think it is awesome that she used her talent to bless the lives of others.


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