St. Lukes

View from the hotel looking down on the river.

St. Lukes- Boise


All Spencer wanted was an A&W rootbeer in a "Frosty Mug"  He finally enjoyed one on the way home in Rupert

Made it home from Boise tonight.  The weather there, though foggy was warm, warmer than here at least!   You'll notice from the pictures, there as not a spec of snow, it was so nice to be sure of your footing instead of dodging the ice patches.
I love St. Lukes.  It is by far my favorite hospital ever.  Primary Childrens doesn't hold a candle to St. Lukes.  We had a great visit with the Gastroenterologist.  It was nice to have face time with him instead of just emails.  The kids are still small, of course but to put it in perspective, Spencer just reached the growth charts!  It has only taken him 16 years to make it onto the charts and now sits proudly at the 2nd  percentile for height and weight!  He has gained nearly 6 pounds in 13 months.  Sam wasn't quite as lucky, in fact a little disappointed to hear that he only gained 1.5 pounds in a year and grew 2 inches.  He sits on the charts at around the 4th percentile.  Shelbie is holding steady at 4'10", a little bit of a girl. 
It took a couple of days to get the tests completed so we will have to wait a week or so for the results.  I am not expecting anything too earth shattering.  I do expect that they will be in bad shape as far as vitamin stores go and I'm sure they will have to hit the Vitamins A, D, E and K pretty hard.  Shelbie couldn't have some of the tests done because her platelets are so low so we will have to wait on those. 
It is really hard to figure out what is going on with the boys and their constant nausea.  He suspects that since they have both had major surgeries in the last year or two things have changed in the way they move food through.  Sam especially with his bowel surgery is messed up!  The doctor is starting both boys on new meds so we will see how they do on those.  In three weeks, if things are not significantly better, we will have to look for new treatments to help them.  As I type this, both boys are upstairs with their favorite puking bucket, not feeling so well. Sigh....  This brings our medication count up to 38 pills and concoctions to drink per day between all three kids.  I decided on the way home that I definitely need to come up with a better way of distributing medication so it's not so time consuming. 
That's all I have to report on for now.  Tomorrow, Shelbie will get another CBC and the remainder of the week will play itself out.  Infusion maybe on Friday?   hmmmm, we'll have to see!


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