Poor Spencer

Today was not a good day for Spencer.  He had his allergy testing today.  The Allergist said he was by far her most difficult patient.  Not because he was being 'difficult' but because he has so many severe allergies.  She had to go slower than normal and had some problems getting the amount of allergen adjusted so that she will know how much to mix in the weekly allergy shots he will start in two weeks.  It's sort of a complex process and I just confused you all with my explanation of what she had to do. 
      Anyways, Spencer ended up getting over 120 needles in his upper arms.  He was injected with all the things he is allergic to.  The pictures don't really do it justice but his arms were one big, red, swollen welt.  It was so sad to see.  He was brave, of course.  The whole procedure took over three hours so it was another long afternoon.
Only the beginning

Watching Orange County Chopper

There were 6-8 of these trays that contained the serum Spencer was injected with!

Needless to say, there were tons more than this.
Tonight, he is feeling really sick and very uncomfortable.  The welts are really itchy and sore.  So sad.... We met with our ENT afterwards and he has never seen anyone with such bad allergies and bad reactions.  He is honest when he tells me that he can't promise that the allergy shots will give Spencer any relief.  He has never had an experience with allergy shots and someone with a suppressed immune system so he is very interested to see how things turn out.  I am really hoping that it works.  He suffers so much from April until October.


  1. Ah, that stinks I'm sorry. James gets allergy shots also. They seem to help him, he is allergic to a lot of stuff.


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