Waiting....at least we are use to waiting.  We got the results back yesterday that both doctors were waiting for.  One was her IVIG levels now that she has had three months of infusions and the other was an Epstein Barr Virus titer.  They tested her for Epstein Barr which is basically Mono because she has these swollen lymph nodes in her neck and runs a low grade fever about every other week.  The EBV titer came back normal which is good but doesn't solve the mystery that is causing her lymph nodes to be large and the unexplained fevers. 
    Dr. S in Seattle was concerned of some bigger problems brewing so she will be conferencing with our Onocologist here to decide on a game plan.  She had mentioned to me that if it was negative, she would want to see Shelbie in her clinic within the month.  I am not sure when the decision will be made but a road trip might be in our near future.
     The IVIG was high, 2000 which is good.  It means that she has plenty of arsenal to fight the antibodies killing off her platelets.  With it this high, there is a good chance she won't need an infusion next week, maybe not even the week after.  She may actually get a little break...yay for breaks! 
    In the meantime, I hope to catch up on some sanity this weekend, maybe a little sleep and prepare for Boise next week.


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