Headaches must be the theme for this week.  Aseptic Meningitis finally arrived at about 9:30 on Tuesday night.  I really wanted to avoid the hospital and we did but it was rough and maybe not worth it.  The worst part was that we didn't have any pain meds for Shelbie so I was trying to treat it with huge doses of Tylenol, Advil, Celebrex and finally just gave her something that I hoped would help her sleep it off.  She was up about every hour and half with so much nausea and pain, it was a really long night. 
      Usually the following day, the symptoms are manageable but not this time.  They stayed pretty bad all day Wednesday and into the evening.  She finally went to bed about 8:30 because nothing was getting better and I had no relief to offer her.  Today, she is almost back to normal.  Super tired but she was able to get up and go to her tutoring job for an hour or so. 
      I titled this post Headaches because Spencer came home really sick from school today.   He can hardly bare the pain from his headache that starts at the base of his neck.  He also has a sore throat, low grade fever and body aches but  my first thought was seizures and encephalitis since this kind of headache he described happened about 8 years ago when he got encephalitis.  That was a miserable month long ordeal.  I guess I tend to live in this hyper alert state all the time now, I never believe it's just going to be something simple anymore.  Only time will tell what Spencer's illness becomes.  I hope it isn't too bad like strep or influenza.  Suppressed immune systems and nasty viruses and bacterias are not a good combination.  Here's hoping for the best...or at least to survive whatever is waiting around the corner!


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