Why Me?

This has been an interesting couple of weeks.  We have had a lot of problems compressed into a short amount of time.  There were moments when I was so exhausted I didn't think I would even make it one more minute but then there were other times, when I have felt more energy than ever before.  So many people have offered their prayers, warm thoughts and I know I have mentioned it before but I can't hardly express my gratitude to everyone. 

Some people have wondered why we have to go through what we do.  There is no easy answer.  It's just one of those things.  We were sent her to be tested, to see if we can truly become a disciple of Christ.  For some, that isn't always an acceptable answer.  There have been a few who suggested we just give up on Christ, get mad.  I personally don't feel like that is the answer.  I just know that by having faith and trusting that God has a bigger and better plan for us, we are blessed beyond measure.  Shelbie asked me the other day what she should say to people who think she should turn her back on God.  I told her she needed to figure that out on her own. 

A couple of nights ago after I was done playing the kids their bedtime songs on the piano and kissing them goodnight, Shelbie said to me, "I was thinking.  If I blame God for my problems then shouldn't I also blame God for the good things that happen and be mad that He is blessing me?"  That is a very profound thought!  If we turn our back on God when things are tough then how can we expect him to bless us when we haven't even tried to trust Him?  Whether we are facing horrible trials or blessings that overflow in our lives, both need to be approached with gratitude, faith and happiness.  I think I finally understand what it feels like to find peace in His rest.  When we yoke ourselves with Him, the burden really is lighter.  I don't know how it happens but it really does.  It takes work to maintain our place in His peace but it is so worth the effort. 


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