Second Verse...Same as the first

This time she brought some comforts from home.  Her happy little Sock Monkey slippers

Surrounded in her favorite feel good color- Zebra.  My good friend made the awesome pillowcase cover!  She rested much better with her own blanket and pillow and actually looks pretty good prior to the infusion.  Too bad she didn't continue to look so great!
Yup, another long weekend in the hospital.  Shelbie's infusion went well, Saturday morning went well.  Saturday night...not so well!  I had tried all day to keep the celebrex and loratab on board so that we could stay on top of any potential side effects but by 6:30 our luck had run out.  Still, I kept trying to avoid the hospital.  By 10:30 she was screaming at me in pain and then the nightmare began.  She had run out of patience and longsuffering and I was the only one to receive the fallout.  Even though I knew she was just exhausted and in so much pain, it was still hard to hear those all too familiar words, "You don't even care!"
       I do care, I care too much.  I cared so much that I kept trying to convince her and myself that this time would be different.  I spent too much time in denial and the pain got way out of control.  There goes that mother of the year award I was so hoping to achieve!  Oh well, there's always next year. 
      Anyways, we had the same nurse as last time in ER and she was very helpful.  One of our favorite family doctors was the ER doc, (there are 4 providers at the family clinic where we go and we love every one of them!) He is always really good with the kids and it felt nice to let someone else take over who actually knew what they were doing. 
      Today, Shelbie's platelets are up to 30 which is a nice improvement.  Staying on top of the pain here at home now and so far so good.  I am beat, in so many ways.  I haven't had but 4-5 hours of sleep since Friday night.  I am trying to get on top of laundry, packing the Christmas presents and clean the house before things get crazy around here.  We are still planning to leave this week to go home but I have arranged for some friends to stay at the house while we are gone so I need to get things shaped up for them.  Hopefully, Shelbie will steadily improve, the boys will stay healthy and I can shake this crazy virus that has settled in. 


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