Much needed break

Coming to Edmonton has been just what the kids needed, especially Shelbie.  It has done wonders for her spirits.  She is really tired but hanging in there and enjoying the break from doctor appointments and worries.  She was able to have fun in the wave pool today but had to rest a lot because she is still really weak and runs out of steam.  She took at nap in a lounge chair by the pool then spent some time relaxing in one of the three hot tubs. 
     I will admit, going for bloodwork everyday is comforting.  It is nice to know where she stands so we can be proactive instead of feeling like we are blindsided all the time.  That's the only hard thing about being here.  We can't just run to the clinic or hospital to check on things.  I can always assume that the IVIG continues to work it's magic, dump the immune system but bring up the platelets. I know the first thing we will want to do when we get home is go for a blood check. 
     On the flight here, I had to be sure to take plenty of precautions for her poor immune system.  I packed anti bacterial wipes and we used them to wipe down the armrests, trays and anything else we came in contact with in hopes that no one, especially Shelbie would get sick.  It was disgusting to say the least the amount of crud that came off those armrests and trays with just one swipe!  If I didn't have OCD before, I have it now!  It started me thinking about all the things we touch on a daily basis that appear to be clean but lurking under that disguise of cleanliness is a mess of germs.  Ewwww!  So for now, everything is good...too good.  I don't ever want to come home.  I want to pretend that the last few months have just been a bad dream!


  1. I'm glad you were able to make it home to Canada, I know Shelbie was so looking forward to it. I hope that you all have a VERY Merry & Healthy Christmas. Let's get together when you get home. Sending lot of love your way this holiday. Jo


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