A fun surprise!

Sunday, Shelbie had some visitors.  I have known them for a year or two but not really known them well. We mostly just say 'hi' when we see each other.  They have a daughter just younger than Shelbie who has had some rough health problems too.  We have gotten to know each other much better over the last few weeks.  She has come by on a couple of occasisions to visit and called to share well wishes for Shelbie. 
     She is a school teacher of a 4th grade class and had them color a big mural for Shelbie.  Sunday, she brought it over along with some tasty treats.  It was so fun to see the great artwork from such caring children who have never met Shelbie.  When they unrolled it, it stretched from our kitchen all the way to the back door.  It was such a sweet surprise and really cheered us up.  I appreciate her thoughtfulness a lot!

Big thanks to all those kids who shared their warm thoughts with us and to this great family who made it all happen!


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