Platelets are coming up today.  She is at 80 which is okay but still really low.  Good enough for us to go home for Christmas though.  We will have to take some precautions because her white count is super low and her hemoglobin is suffering too.  This means that she can hardly walk 20 ft without feeling winded and extreme fatigue.  We will have plenty of time to make our way through the airport and I have packed lots of antibacterial wipes, lotions and anything else that will keep her germ free.
      I feel so relieved that we can go.  It has been a busy afternoon trying to get ready.  I have people coming to stay the week at our house so the house can't just be clean but squeaky clean!  The kids are really looking forward to this trip.  Lately, the tension and fatigue has been choking us.  It feels like we are getting a pass out of jail. 
     I will continue to update and post from Canada.  Hopefully Shelbie won't have any problems while we are there.   It would be nice if we were going with better functioning bone marrow but that's life!  I hope I will be able to leave our worries here.  As soon as we get back we will be bombarded with hospitals again.  Shelbie will more than likely have surgery soon after we return to place a port or pic line, at least that is the talk now.  Spencer will undergo some very uncomfortable allergy testing, worse than last time and the following week, we head to Boise for a visit to our Gastroenterologist and St. Lukes Hospital.  Somewhere amongst all of that, there will be another infusion for Shelbie and unless we try something new, another bout with aseptic meningitis.  So, I really hope we get a lot of rest and recouperation out of the next 6 days.


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