We're off to a good start...

Not really.  2016 is off to a crazy start.

Sam has been having GI trouble since Friday.  I'm not sure if his ulcerative colitis is acting up again or what but he has been pretty uncomfortable with some very odd symptoms, including a GI bleed.  He hasn't been bad enough to take to the ER and since it has been a holiday weekend, we have just been keeping an eye on it.  Things aren't worse, but they aren't better either.

It isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.   Although, one time, he had similar symptoms and for three months, they couldn't determine what was happening so they finally did an MRI.  It showed his small intestine being turned back inside itself.  He had emergency surgery and when they opened him up, they found that his GI tract was full of enlarged lymph nodes.  They assumed that the wall of the intestine got caught up on a lymph node and as the intestine contracts to move waste through, it just kept pulling itself inside out.  They had to do some reconstruction.  Twice since then, this has happened but resolved on its own.  If we are in that pattern again, I am holding out hope that it will resolve with a little more time.

Shelbie made it home from California last night.  She wasn't even home 2 hours and fell down the unfinished basement stairs.  She was carrying a bowl of hot soup and glass of water so she didn't use her hands to try to 'fall' better than she did.  She went down on her back and slid about 5 stairs, all the way to the bottom.  The near boiling soup burned her hands.  Immediately, her back started swelling up and a line of broken blood vessels appeared across the width of her back where the initial impact was on the edge of the wood step.   It was about 20 minutes before Sam and I could get her off the stairs and out of the soup and water so we could assess the situation.  She could hardly put any weight on her legs and couldn't straighten her back.

I took her to the ER because she has osteopenia  and can never seem to keep her Vitamin D levels up to normal so I was really worried she had fractured something.

Thankfully, there wasn't a fracture but there is severe soft tissue damage, severe ligament damage in her lower back, and the muscles took a beating as well.  In addition, she has at least 2 bulging disks.  It's too soon to tell if there is permanent damage to her disks.  She will be on bed rest for the next few days and then we'll see where things are at.  When we left the hospital late last night, she still couldn't bear weight on her legs very well or straighten her back.

In other news...I started my traditional 29 Gifts project on Saturday!  Without fail, I start it and then things get crazy around here for awhile.  Still, it's going well and I'm excited for the activities I have planned.  My next post will be more on this project and a challenge to start your own 29 gifts project!



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